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If you’ve been tuning in to Hot Off the Press, you’ll know about recent updates to the interface along with some fantastic technical upgrades. To continue the momentum, we’ve introduced more interactive and robust notifications throughout (Coming soon to a Jetpack blog near you.) Keep an eye on the new interface and let us know what you think!

Why the change?

We care about giving our users a streamlined and consistent experience across their devices. Unlike the old design, our new notifications look practically identical whether you are looking at them on a computer or on your Android or iOS device.

Under the hood, we’ve completely rebuilt notifications for faster performance. Better yet, if you are a developer you can grab the raw data yourself from our new API, which is much cleaner than before. We want to empower you with information, giving you the creative freedom to…

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Los Angeles Lakers Look Even Worse Than Expected and Sunday NBA …

… the mob, that pushed the previously patient past the point of no return. Maybe it was the way L.A., already the NBA’s worst defensive team, fell apart on offense. For Eric Pinchus of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers’ performance on offense was

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In Los Angeles, a Nimby Battle Pits Millionaires vs. Billionaires

LOS ANGELES At the end of a narrow, twisting side street not far from the Hotel Bel-Air rises a knoll that until recently was largely covered with scrub brush and Algerian ivy. Now the hilltop is sheared and graded, girded by caissons sprouting

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Kobe Bryant relishes the Boston rivalry

That’s the memory that the Los Angeles Lakers star said sticks out the most. It will always sit with me," Bryant said at shootaround here Friday. "It was a drubbing." Bryant endured another drubbing hours after making those comments, losing 113-96 to

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Report: Los Angeles Has More Garbage Than It Can Handle

The one statistic that seems to best sum up Los Angeles‘ problem is that there are only 700 trash cans in a city of almost 500 square miles. The city apparently thinks there are "thousands" in the streets. Surely many will attest that these trash bins

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East LA Man, 30, Reported Missing In New York

LOS ANGELES ( Authorities in New York are asking for the public’s help in locating a 30-year-old tourist reported missing. Steven Reynoso of East Los Angeles was reported missing on Nov. 25. According to, CBS New …

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Glazer: Los Angeles ‘closer than ever’ to having NFL teams

The time is coming for Los Angeles to have professional football again. And get ready for at least one, but probably two teams, according to FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer. According to Glazer, the thought throughout league circles is that the Rams

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Los Angeles, City of Water

LOS ANGELES is the nation’s water archvillain, according to public perception, notorious for its usurpation of water hundreds of miles away to slake the thirst of its ever-expanding population. As a character in Chinatown, the noirish 1974 film

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Boyhood Wins Best Picture From the Los Angeles Film Critics Association

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association on Sunday awarded Boyhood four prizes, including Best Picture, in the latest coup for the coming-of-age movie. The awards which also include Best Actress (Patricia Arquette), Best Director (Richard Linklater

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Football: Los Angeles wins its first City title in 49 years

The drought is over for the Los Angeles Romans, the newly crowned City Section Division III football champions. Not since 1965 had the Romans (12-2) won a title, but a 26-yard touchdown run by Richard Smith with 4:03 left clinched a 28-14 victory over …

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Marines seek realistic training in downtown Los Angeles – KABC

So, mixing it up and going to some place like L.A., it’s brand new terrain, it’s unfamiliar, it forces you to think a little more," said Capt. Brian Block. This does not mean you’ll see Camp Pendleton-style tanks roaming through the streets of downtown
Camp Pendleton Marines To Conduct Training In Downtown LACBS Local
Military Helicopters Fly Over Los Angeles as Part of Urban-Combat Training

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So you want to start a non-profit…

Life in Marrakesh

Starting the Amal Center was a difficult endeavor, I can’t explain why exactly I did it, I did not have a very clear plan on how it would all develop, I did not have answers to people’s most basic questions, like “how long will the women train there?”  I would freeze up and give vague answers like “well, we are still in the experimental stage trying to find a successful formula…”

I did not anticipate also the strain it would have on my family, of course no one could foresee that my daughter would develop a bone cyst that we discovered about 10 days after I signed the lease for the Amal Center, and that would put her on crutches for the next 5 months.  I would never wish it on anyone to undertake a major remodeling job AND have your daughter need emergency surgery and a metal plate inserted…

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